Apple is gearing up to release their latest Apple Watch, the Series 8. But there have been a lot of rumours circulating about what this new watch will entail

Some say that it will have a new design, while others believe that it will have better health tracking features. There are even some who think that it might include a built-in camera. We’ve rounded up the latest rumours and split them into three categories based on what we believe is possible or what’s outright unrealistic; we’ve divided them into; Likely to happen, Unlikely to happen, and Not a chance.

Likely Apple Watch Series 8 features

If you’re like us, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve been hooked to the web trying to find out what the new Apple Watch Series 8 is going to look like, feel like and what new features it’s going to have. Of everything that we’ve come across, here are some of (what we believe to be) the most likely upgrades.

A new S8 Chip

This has been reported by a number of reliable sources, including Bloomberg and follows historical trends. Whilst the exact spec of the chip is unknown at this stage, it’s likely to offer better performance and an improved experience.

An updated display

Much like the new chips, a regular upgrade tends to be in the display; with the Apple Watch Series 8; we expect to see an improved screen; however, it’s been noted by a few outlets, including Tom’s Guide, that we could be set to see the first-ever two-inch screen.

Some of what we believe to be the most likely upgrades tend to be a yearly occurrence now. However, there has been one major rumour that has been floating around for some time which is to do with the sensors. Over the years, we’ve seen the digital heart rate sensor become a popular feature. On the Apple Watch Series 6, there was a blood oxygen sensor, and with every release, there is growing support for more sensors that can help us all live a healthy and active lifestyle. Well, according to reports, there’s a possibility that the Series 8 could see the addition of a body temperature sensor which would work in a similar way to the Fitbit Sense.

Low Power Mode

One of the biggest gripes that Apple Watch, and indeed all tech fans, have tends to be around battery life, and although the Apple Watch Series 7 battery is supposedly meant to last up to 18 hours, in reality, that really isn’t that long. Sure, you can charge it every night, but then you lose the capacity to track your sleep, and in comparison to something like a FitBit or a Garmin smartwatch, the Apple Watches battery life does pale in significance. We’re hoping that with the introduction of a low-power mode, we might be able to get at least one full day’s wear out of our watch.

Unlikely Apple Watch Series 8 features

While there are some upgrades that we believe are likely to happen, others seem much less so. Here are some features that have been rumoured online that we think are unlikely to make an appearance on the Series 8.

The Apple Watch Pro

Whilst it has been reported by both Bloomberg and also Macrumors that the Apple Watch might finally get its “Pro Moment”, we believe that it’s unlikely to happen with this iteration and that Apple might wait until the 10th Anniversary in 2015.

With almost every product line Apple has brought to market, there has always been a Pro model that follows. Whilst we wholeheartedly believe that we will see an Apple Watch Pro soon, we don’t think it will be this year. Some of the Pro Rumors point to the model being a more rugged extreme sports watch with increased durability.

The Flat Edges

There has been a number of outlets referencing a render of an Apple Watch that has flat edges, and whilst this would follow the direction that Apple are going with their other products, including iPads, iPhones and even the new line of Macbooks, we don’t think this will be happening.

The most unlikely Apple Watch Series 8 Features.

When the rumour mill starts turning, the ideas factory goes into overdrive with many leaking features that are much more fit for their own imagination than an Apple Patent. Nonetheless, it’s always worth the entertainment to consider some of the wild and whacky ideas, and one of our favourites is the thought of a camera in the digital crown. As much as we’d like to think James Bond could sport the Apple Watch Series 8, we believe this rumour to be very unlikely.

What we want to see in the new Apple Watch Series 8

We’re big Apple Watch fans, here and between us, we have had every single Apple Watch that has ever been released. We ran a poll in our office to find out what we’d like to see the new Apple Watch Series 8 deliver. Here are the results listed from most popular to least popular.

  1. Better battery life
  2. Improved fitness tracking
  3. A new design
  4. Touch ID
  5. Larger sizes

At the moment, all of these are just rumours. While some of them seem more likely than others, we won’t know for sure until Apple makes an announcement – which could be any time between now and September.