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So.. how can Gadget GoGo help your Charity?

Gadget GoGo are looking to partner up with charities to offer a unique way for their supporters, to not only dispose of their unwanted tech, but also donate to their favourite charity, all within a few simple clicks.

At Gadget GoGo we understand that large volumes of unwanted tech & gadgets get donated every day, and charities don’t always have the facilities to be able to process these. Most gadgets require some kind of specialist knowledge to be able to test and value them, something that isn’t always available.

The Solution

Gadget GoGo already have a custom built website designed for the general public to sell their unwanted gadgets, currently we offer two payment options, Paypal or bank transfer, we are looking to add a third option to this list, by giving our users the option to donate  a percentage, or the full amount of the quote to their favourite charity.

How Does It Work?

As soon as your charity has signed up, our users will be able to select you, as the charity they wish to donate their offer to.

Once the order has been completed, and we have received the gadget, we will make a payment to the selected charity within 48h, its really is that simple!

What Work Is Involved?

To start receiving donations, all that’s needed is for you to sign up, however we believe for your charity to truly benefit from our features, promoting that your supporters can use our website to donate to you, will defiantly help drive donations.

If your interested in becoming one of our supported charities, please get in touch

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