Before you rush down the pub carrying your old gadgets and donning your best Del Boy impression, there are easier ways to sell your electronics. Gone are the days when you had to pitch up a market stall or head to a community notice board to find a buyer. Thanks to the internet, we now have the opportunity to find buyers with the click of a button. But which is the best method to sell electronics online? Let’s find out.

Traditional (Online) Methods

You could always stick to the age-old techniques of selling your old gadgets such as heading to your local car boot sale. A car boot sale is a much safer option than many more modern methods. However, attending car boot sales takes time, effort and doesn’t expose your gear to a huge market in comparison to online methods.

What does reach a big market is selling on online platforms like eBay. This website has been around a while and is a proven way of selling safely without having to go out of your way to meet strangers. The only downside to selling your electronics on eBay is that the processing of payments is not as quick as other methods. Moreover, online disputes can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Social Media

Social media also presents a fantastic marketplace full of potential buyers and in particular Facebook. Not many people haven’t joined the Zuckerberg revolution meaning you can promote your gadgets to a mass audience quickly on the purpose-made Facebook Marketplace. This area of the social media platform allows users to market their old electronics to locals easily.

The convenience of Facebook Marketplace and its sheer number of eyeballs make it a great place to make money online. However, it’s not all decluttering and purple notes. There are many scammers in operation here that are cleverly finding ways to rip you off. Not to forget the horror stories of strangers turning up at sellers’ houses and acting inappropriately or even violently. If you do sell on Facebook, remember to act with caution and stay safe at all times.

Modern Platforms

Due to the inconvenience, the slow processing times and the lack of safety by selling on the previous methods, a new platform has emerged. Gadget GoGo  offers to buy your old gadgets. By using their services, you are guaranteed an instant sale and a swift payment. You also get the benefit of free postage and avoid the vulnerability of selling to a stranger coming to your home. Overall, Gadget GoGo overcomes many limitations about previous platforms, including:

  • Instant quote
  • No haggling
  • Free postage
  • Safer selling process
  • Saves time and effort
  • Quick payments

If you want to make money online easily by selling old electronics, visit Gadget GoGo. Check us out now and get a free quote on your old gadgets today.