Global e-waste has been on a steady rise since 2010  and, as a result, 2018 was forecast to hit an all time high of 50 Million Tons. With the ever increasing advancements in modern technology, and subsequent rise in consumer demands, this number is expected to continue to increase.

Here in the UK, it is estimated that 55% of all e-waste ends up in landfill. Of total e-waste, approximately one quarter is made up of personal devices such as, iPods, cameras, smartphones, tablets, computers and sat-navs.

Not only is this a waste of precious resources, but the toxic metal elements in some of these devices can be extremely damaging to both the environment and human health.

Often, the general public does not acknowledge the potential value of their old gadgets, and simply throw them out after upgrading. Others may wish to sell their gadgets online using sites such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace and local selling groups. However, this involves a fair amount of work photographing and marketing the product, as well as dealing with the chancers and time wasters. Even with all this work, it is still not guaranteed the gadget will ever sell. How frustrating!

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We ensure that your old gadgets don’t just end up in landfill sites, aiming to either Re-sell, Re-use or Re-purpose where possible.

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