If you’re an Apple fan unless you spent Tuesday, October 13th in a cave somewhere, you’re likely already buzzing about the launch of the fantastic new iPhone 12 line-up. After months of speculation, Tim Cook revealed the next generation of handsets to the world via live stream. It’s safe to say they look pretty different from previous models!

Without further ado, let’s dive into the crucial details about what’s set for launch, and when you can get your hands on your very own 12.

Which iPhones Are Launching?

The iPhone 12 5G, Mini, Pro and Pro Max were all unveiled at the virtual launch. These new devices will, as their names suggest, be ready for 5G, making them the most advanced handheld devices Apple has ever produced.

The iPhone Pro has a 6.1-inch display, with the Pro Max extending to 6.7 inches. The Pro Max will be the biggest handheld that Apple’s released to date. All phones in the line-up take design cues from the iPhone 4 and 4S, with a square look that harks back to a simpler time!

Launch Date and Price

The basic phones in the line-up will be ready to buy from October 23rd, 2020. That’s really not too long to wait. It might be worth you looking to sell old iPhone tech to make room for the new handset! The Pro Max and Mini will be ready to ship from November 13th.

The iPhone Mini the cheapest and starts at £699, with the storage options 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.
The next in line the iPhone 12 starts at £799, it also comes with 64GB, 128GB, and 128GB storage options. Both the Pro models are £50 cheaper than last year’s devices, with opening prices of £999 and £1,099. And storage choices starting with 128GB, followed by 256GB and 512GB.

Design Choices

Three sizes are available across the range, with choices in 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches. The new square design, as mentioned, harks back to the iPhone 4 – for those of us that can remember using these older models!

All iPhones screens, are now edge to edge OLED’s, offering ceramic shields to prevent damage, should they be accidentally dropped. You’ll also have better experiences in low light conditions with these phones, too – worth knowing! The phones will also run in 60Hz.

You’ll be able to buy a new iPhone in retro stainless steel, in a choice of other colours – gold and silver are back, as is grey, along with blue and red.

Enhanced Tech

Of course, the new iPhone 12 line-up will be the fastest and most impressive Apple handsets to date. The cameras alone are notable enough, with 12MP available in ultrawide. It’s a vast improvement on the cameras of old.

The Pro Max camera will have seven elements in its lens, effectively bringing in more photographer-friendly features. It has an enhanced sensor and will offer better stability in low light. You’ll even be able to record more than 700 million colours, and the Pro range will allow you to record and share video in Dolby Vision HDR.

There’s also a LiDAR scanner for the Pro range, which means that you’ll get an all-over more impressive augmented reality (AR) experience.

The new iPhones will run on the super speedy A14 Bionic, which is a serious, 5nm upgrade for those who really want their handsets to be quicker than ever before.

Do also take a look at the new ‘MagSafe’ tech revealed at the event. This means that the new phones will magnetise to wireless charger hubs more easily. Therefore, wireless charging just got a whole lot simpler and much more secure.

5G Ready

One of the biggest reveals, of course, was the fact that the new iPhones are 5G ready. This means that when 5G SIMs become readily available, your Apple handset will have the speed and battery balance to cope with the new tech.

In fact, confirmation reveals that the phones will offer a smart data usage mode, where you can actively reserve power depending on the data you consume. It’s all very promising.

Other Things to Note About the iPhone 12 Line-Up

Apple has been keen to push the fact that the battery life of the 12s is vastly improved compared to previous models. That, of course, will have to be proven during rigorous testing! As poor battery performances have dogged even the biggest phones from Apple over the years. If accurate, this could be a significant selling point.

The iPhone 12 line-up is also set to be impressively resistant against dust and water. They are arriving in IP68, up to six metres, meaning that they are some of the most resilient phones on the market heading into Q4. However, it’s probably best that you don’t test it out in the bath, though!

There’s also tons more to enjoy from iOS on the new devices, too. You’ll have access to the great new widgets for your home screen, stacks of new Memoji, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the fantastic new picture in picture mode with a vibrant, impressive high-resolution screen.

The 12s are not only super-fast and technologically impressive, but they are also four times as resilient as previous models. That’s thanks to the new ceramic shield tech employed in the aluminium design. All in all, it’s a retro-inspired phone range which is ready for the future.

Are You Ready for the new iPhone 12

The new 12 range has raised a few eyebrows. Many are happy that Apple appears to be retaking daring new moves, though the 12’s design does offer the 4 and 4S more than a little hero worship. It will remain to be seen if the 12 can create the same buzz and sighs of relief that the 11s generated.

In the meantime, why not get cash for iPhone X devices you have lying around? Or, you can get cash for your last generation iPhone and start sampling this brilliant new iPhone 12 line-up for yourself. Trust us – this is a line of phones which is only going to get better and better, and it’s time you took full advantage.