Home assistants have come a long way in the last few years with millions using the latest smart speakers to help out in their daily lives. Whether you’re looking to find out what’s happening in the world, play music or have a smart speaker be the hub of your house, they can be really useful.

But what are some of the top speakers available for you to buy right now and what ones make selling your old smart speaker worth the upgrade? Here’s our guide to the four best speakers available online and on the high street right now.

The Amazon Echo

It’s safe to say that the Amazon Echo changed the way we see the latest smart speakers and home assistants. The Echo is an affordable, multi-faceted device. It connects to your other Amazon devices, uses the leading Alexa software, and can help you manage your entire day.

Want to set a timer? Need to remember to call your Mum? Your Echo will help you to manage your calendar, and you can even buy your favourite products from Amazon just by asking. What’s more, Amazon is always upgrading and improving their tech.

Pros: Affordable, multi-purpose, easy to set up
Cons: Can be a little tricky to set up with some smart home technology

The Sonos One

If you need your speaker to boast the best in sound engineering as well as helpful Alexa tech, the Sonos One is likely to be at the top of your purchase list. Sonos is a leading sound engineering brand so the sound quality is incredible and what’s more, the Sonos One, works with Google Home and the popular Apple Hub, too.

This is likely to be an excellent purchase for anyone who wants to pump their audio to maximum potential. You can set up multi-room speakers with ease, and you can use it as a simple speaker on its own without the virtual assistant if you prefer.

Pros: Brilliant sound quality, multi-functional across various assistants, best choice as an overall speaker
Cons: Can be quite expensive

Bose Home Speaker 500

Bose is a name that millions trust for fantastic audio quality at home. Their Speaker 500 is a wonderful home assistant as well as a powerful music player. It’s one of the loudest of the latest smart speakers on the market, too.

What’s likely to appeal to music fans is that you can assign specific playlists to open up at the touch of a button or two. You’ll also have a small display to work with, which is one-up on the basic Echo.

Pros: Neat display, great for playing multiple playlists, really loud
Cons: Again, quite expensive

Google Home

Of course, Google had to enter the speaker game at some point. Google Home remains a great modern home assistant. It offers a customisable look, and you can use it to control several of your smart home features and facilities.

It’s great for those users who have Google Chromecast up and running. What’s more, this really is the best smart assistant for playing a plethora of music. There’s perhaps more to play from here than across the other devices combined.

Pros: Affordable, great aesthetics, works with smart home tech
Cons: Can have difficulty understanding more than exact phrases

Choosing the Latest Smart Speakers

If you’re looking for the latest smart speakers for your home, it might be worth selling some old tech to go towards your upgrade, you can sell an old smart assistant or almost any unused gadgets with us. smart speaker.