It’s that time of year again! Apple typically spoils us rotten with big launches from September onwards, and 2020 has been no different. Right now, however, we’re all busy getting into iOS 14. But what are some of the best new iOS 14 features worth updating for? Let’s take a look at some of our favourite perks and tweaks.

Picture in Picture

With new iOS 14 Features such as picture in picture, it’s now possible for you to multi-task more so than ever before. This mode will let you FaceTime your friends and family while playing videos or looking at other apps. If your callers want your attention, however, you’ll have to break away!

Smarter Siri

Siri in iOS 14 is now able to send voice messages, and what’s more, it’s becoming cleverer about the data it pulls from the web. This is excellent news for anyone who might be struggling to use the built-in assistant to find anything worthwhile!

Better Organisation

Those of us with stacks of apps will be pleased to hear that our libraries are now automatically organised. Introducing the App Library! This means that you can now download programs and games and they will sort themselves! Great news for anyone who loves to go all out on the App Store.

Free Trials

One of the best new iOS 14 features is app clips. These clips will allow you to try apps on for size without having to download them in full! That’s great news for anyone who wants to see how a program works and doesn’t necessarily want to commit to saving anything onto their home screen wholesale.

Widgets Everywhere

The new design for iOS’ home screen brings you right into the wonderful world of widgets. These will allow you to drag and pin curious little bits and bobs which you can quickly stack up and use at your leisure. It certainly saves having to wander from screen to screen!

Map Upgrades

Apple Maps has seen some serious enhancements over the years. This time around, you’ll be able to find EV charging points for your car, as well as plenty of detail on how you can cycle to specific areas. It’s becoming much more friendly towards those of us who are trying to cut carbon down!

More Privacy

Believe it or not, the 14th OS offers you more privacy potential than ever before. You can now lock down specific photos and albums, and you will also find that your apps won’t be able to track you without your permission. It’s a great little upgrade.ios

Which Are the Best New iOS 14 Features?

That’s not for us to decide! If you’re thinking of getting cash for your iPhone 8 to pay for a newer model, it’s well worth looking for a super-fast device that runs iOS 14 first.

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