Are you struggling to decide which next-gen games console to pre-order? In the battle between the Sony PS5 vs Xbox Series X, there is perhaps too close a call to make. However, while plenty of gamers focus on launch titles, it might actually be worth taking some time to look at the specs both systems have to offer.

With that in mind, before you sell your Xbox One or get cash for your PlayStation, let’s take a look at how each of the big hitters in the current console wars really measure up.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X: CPU Potential

In the battle of the PS5 vs Xbox Series X, we, of course, need to consider the potential CPUs involved. Just how quick is each of these consoles going to be when pitched head to head? The PS5 offers AMD Zen 2 at 3.5 GHz, running on eight cores which packs a big punch.

Comparatively, the Xbox Series X is running at 3.8 GHz on a custom AMD Zen 2, with the same number of cores. Therefore, the Xbox is just that little bit faster – but only just.

What About the GPU’s?

Graphics matter! There’s a key difference between the Series X and the PS5 here, too. The Series X rattles out 12.0 teraflops while Sony’s model manages 10.3. So with CPU’s and GPU’s, it looks like Microsoft’s just inches it. It remains to be seen if the differences will really be that noticeable? We’ll have to wait for a real-world comparison in order to answer that!

RAM Comparison

When it comes to RAM, neither Sony nor Microsoft are conceding much. Perhaps the most boring battle in the PS5 vs Xbox Series X matchup, both systems offer 16GB of GDDR6 as standard. That’s a lot of memory but at the same time not a significant leap from what was previously available.

Yes, there are some differences in memory bus speeds, but ultimately, that won’t amount to any noticeable real-world difference.

How Much Storage is Available?

Of course – this was always going to be a big point of contention. The PlayStation 5 is lined up with a custom-cut solid-state drive, offering a reasonable 825GB worth of storage.

However, the drum really does roll out for the Series X, here. Microsoft has thrown out an SSD boasting a whole terabyte worth of storage. The 175 extra GB might just be what you need if you’re going to be racking up plenty of save files and custom FIFA rosters. Just a guess, anyway?

Who Wins?

On paper, looking at these statistics, the Xbox Series X is far and away the mathematical champion. However, that’s not to say Sony’s new console is worth any less. After all, other factors such as games line-ups, connectivity and ease of use will all come into play. There’s also the fact that there will always be some gamers who are die-hard PS fans and vice-versa for the Xbox.

Do you have a favourite lined up? When considering the PS5 vs Xbox Series X, be sure to line up some extra cash from your old consoles to spend on these behemoth machines. Whether you favour one or the other, both are set to change the game – quite literally, in fact!