The Series 6 Apple Watch is well on its way. Therefore, as always, there is rampant speculation over exactly what we can all expect when the wearable tech is finally released later this year. However, what’s particularly interesting is the fact that there may be differences on either side of the Atlantic.

When can we expect to see the watch in the UK? Will we be getting it later than the US? What about styles and pricing? Before you go ahead and sell an Apple smartwatch of your own, let’s dig deep into everything we know so far.

Release Date for Series 6 Apple Watch

As with much of Apple’s tech over the years, we’re unlikely to have a firmer idea of a release date for the new watch until very close beforehand. However, industry experts suggest we’ll be seeing something new from the firm around the first week of September.

That is, some sources have 8th September pegged as an announcement date. Some leakers, too, are backing this up. As for the physical release date, in typical Apple fashion, we will likely know more at the presentation.

Sources, again, are strongly suggesting we will see the Series 6 Apple Watch launching alongside the iPhone 12, later this autumn. Unless Apple really wants to keep the two tech launches apart for the sake of their individual hype, this is a strong possibility. Some also suggest we might be able to buy the watch as early as the 18th September.

Pricing for the New Tech

It seems that, at present, pricing for the new release of iWatch will be the same on either side of the Atlantic. That is until inevitable currency rate changes come into play. Right now, we’ll likely be looking at paying £399 in the UK, and $399 in the US. It’s not clear yet who will set the base price.

However, sources state that Australia may expect to pay up to $649 for the privilege. Once again, this is pure assumption, and we will have to wait and see how things transpire.

Available Designs

Short of going into detail on the new assumed specs for the device, it’s probably safe to say the new watch will offer similar designs and strap styles to those of previous generations. Apple has moved away from luxury, premium versions of its wearable tech in recent years. Therefore, we will likely find comfortable, affordable straps and fashion accessories available on release.

Rumours are circulating about a new type of screen for the Series 6 Apple Watch. Specifically, we might have access to leading micro-LED tech. However, other reports suggest that things will remain similar in this regard to Watch 5.

Excited for the New Watch?

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