For Xbox owners everywhere, the wait is finally over. The Xbox Series S, something of an urban legend until very recently, just received confirmation. The new console is launching as a more affordable alternative to the Series X and will to bring super-powered gaming that far outstrips that of the Xbox One.

But what can we expect from the latest in Microsoft’s long line of consoles? How much will it cost, and when will it be released? Before you sell an Xbox One, make sure you read up on the facts below!

When’s the Xbox Series S Arriving?

British gamers can expect to see the Xbox Series S hit shelves and online stores as of the 10th of November. That’s not too far away. Considering that Microsoft was encouraged to reveal the console as a result of leaks, too, we’re being treated to the next generation sooner than expected.

How Much Will it Cost?

The Series S is likely to set UK gamers back by at least £250. It’s positioned as a cheaper version of the Series X, which remains more powerful. However, it’s clear that although it’s a cut-down version, it will still be more powerful than the current Xbox One S.

How Will the S Differ to the Xbox One?

One thing is for sure, and that’s the fact the Xbox Series S is set to be a serious upgrade to the Xbox One. Microsoft has confirmed that it will be four times as powerful as its predecessor.

It’ll run at a speed of 3.6GHz – we already know that the Series X will run at 3.8GHz, which means you’re not missing out on much speed. It’ll also operate at an impressive 120 FPS.

However, the Series S is developed for 1080p monitors and TVs. That means, if you’re holding out for a true 4K experience, it’s probably still worth waiting for the X. Microsoft has purposely designed a miniature console that operates on lower grade TVs. However, it can still provide a 4K experience via upscaling!

In addition, the size might be one of the most surprising aspects. It’s genuinely tiny – around two thirds bigger than its controller or 60% the size of the Series X!

What About Xbox All Access?

Xbox All Access will be available on the S console. This service is set to be a landmark platform through which gamers can pay for their systems monthly instead of in one lump sum upfront. What’s more, these fees will also allow you to pay for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate inclusive in the price.

It’s thought that over 24 months, you’ll be able to pay for All Access at a rate of £20.99 per month. Big games such as Halo Infinite, Crackdown 3, and FORZA 7 are all set to emerge through the service.

Not Long to Wait!

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